New Range of Kids Roman Blinds

Saffron Craig Designs

Saffron Craig - Forest Elements

It all began with a lady.  She wanted a Roman Blind for her child’s room. This in itself was not a problem, we do hundreds of Roman Blinds a year. The conundrum was she wanted it made out of IKEA fabric. Perhaps you are not aware….. New Zealand does not have an Ikea. Why not? Its a mystery, maybe our roads aren’t big enough…perhaps here in NZ, we do not have what it takes, whatever the reason we were in a pickle as Ikea also does not post overseas.

It looked like our work was cut out for us, but one should never under estimate the power of a challenge.

To cut a long story short, we got our hands on some. Had it shipped over to us, managed to avoid the watchful eye of Mr Customs Officer and made some very nice Roman Blinds. The result was stunning, needless to say we now import Ikea fabric on a regular basis, all the regular fabrics (Charles Parsons, Irvines, Maurice Kain) as well as our favourite Australian designer Saffron Craig.

This Ikea mission was the birth of what is becoming a very popular trend. Instead of painting children’s rooms in all kinds of weird and wonderful colours (because you know in a few years you have to paint it back again), people are now choosing to decorate with easy stick-on decals and vibrant window dressings. We have a whole range of specialist kids fabrics that can transform a room for less than you might think. If your on a budget, install yourself. We can provide detailed instructions and advice.

A typical price guide (as of 7/9/2010) is $420.00 NZD for 1 Roman blind sewn specifically to your dimensions (up to 2m x 1.5m).  As shipping is extremely cheap in NZ, this makes it incredibly cost effective when decorating a child’s room.

Charles Parsons does a matching/contrasting range of fabrics that can be used for light shades, cushions and duvet covers.

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