Adhesive Wallpaper – the new trend in wallcoverings

I was in a quandary. With just 4 weeks until baby number 2 and still in the midst of renovations, I needed something for the – yet untouched – nursery.  Should I wallpaper? I never need an excuse to add colour to my house but I actually had no time (with a business and a toddler). As much as I adore wallpaper I was also a little reluctant to get stuck in, as I didn’t know if we were having a girl or boy, meaning I would have to pick a neutral design. And would we eventually sell the house or not?  And then I was accidently introduced to adhesive wallpaper. Now I am a wallpaper snob, I know the good stuff and I usually like it expensive. But I am forced to admit this stuff  is amazing. So here I am at 11pm at night, 36 weeks pregnant writing a blog about the future of wallpaper.

Adhesive Wallpaper

Firstly, let me explain what adhesive wallpaper is. Imagine a wallpaper that isn’t actually a paper. Its made from a giant sheet of sticky paper. Do you remember covering your books in Coverseal (what we call it in New Zealand, I think other countries call it Contact)? Well its like that, a cross between Coverseal, a giant decal and wallpaper.

Why is it s great? It sells by the metre, so is 100cm x 100cm – twice the width of  wallpaper! There is no messy or wasteful pattern matching. No glue, no size and no mess. I just did a whole feature wall in my nursery in less than an hour! It is washable because it is made from PVC and more durable than paper. But best of  all (and this is amazing) when you are sick of it, or sell your house OR if you are renting and not able to put up decoration, then this stuff just peels off when  your done. Thats right, it just peels off without damaging your walls.

It also works out to be a lot cheaper than wallpaper and the brand I am using is eco-friendly, and there are hundreds of designs to choose from. Keep an eye out on our website for new patterns.

 Adhesive Wallpaper

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4 thoughts on “Adhesive Wallpaper – the new trend in wallcoverings

  1. ohhhhhhh love this idea!

  2. It’s not that I want to copy your web page, but I really like the style. Could you let me know which design are you using? Or was it especially designed?

    • Hi there, sorry I can’t remember which theme it is! But if you scroll through them you’ll soon figure it out I think.

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