Room Of The Month – Bridgett from Christchuch

People do some great things. They buy wallpaper from us and quite often send us their amazing pics.  At ‘The Inside’ we just love seeing our stuff up, and have decided that it is a travesty to keep them to ourselves……………………………

Introducing ‘Room of the Month’.

‘The Inside’ is proud to introduce our new monthly feature which showcases some of our great customers handiwork. Unlike all those glossy magazines that have been pampered and preened by professionals, these are real homes. The photographs come from phones, ipads and once even somebodies grannie’s camera. If you like what you see, send us some of your pics too (it doesn’t even have to be our product!)

APRIL 2012 ‘Room Of The Month’.

Bridgett from Christchurch contacted me after the earthquakes. Her kids were all a bit shaken up and she wanted to redecorate her daughters room to brighten her up.

She told me she wanted something feminine that went with white paintwork and would grow with her ten year old. She didn’t want a wallpaper that was too old or babyish. I only showed her one – and she was off.  ‘Starburst’  in Teal/Lime.

Her eldest daughter loved it!

You think that would be enough. But parents be warned – you can’t just do up one child’s bedroom. Once you start, you just can’t stop.

I don’t know if it was because I told her that our repeat customers get a 10% discount or if she shopped around, but she called me a few weeks later and said they were going to do up another bedroom – and this time I COULD CHOOSE THE WALLPAPER! Is that trust or what? I love my job! Actually it turns out they had a wallpaper hanger ready to go and it had to be an instock wallpaper (which narrowed the selection down somewhat), but after consulting her about the type of room, her daughters likes and dislikes and the furniture, I recommended ‘Butterfly’ in ‘Heather’. Its magical.


I knew she also had a son. We joked around that she would be back – and it was about six or seven weeks later that she called again. ‘What have you got for boys?’.

I recommended ‘Motors’. Imported from the U.K, the blue and red colourway on white was perfect for a feature wall in an otherwise white room.  ‘You don’t have any more children do you?’ I laughed. ‘No’ she replied, ‘but we would eventually like to get our room done too’. We got to chatting and she told me about the rest of her house that had been repaired after the earthquakes. Although the rest don’t feature any of our products they sounded so good I asked her to take a few photos for us to include.

'Motors' - perfect for any little boys room

Check out the beautiful kitchen in white and black, ‘it’s really easy to keep clean’, she insisted.

I don’t know about that, but check out the awesome splash-back. ‘I was originally thinking of using wallpaper’ she admitted, ‘but one day I was in an antique store and saw this old traders map and fell in love with it’. What a great idea.

Retro furniture for kids

This cute chair was recovered by herself in a retro Cowboy fabric.

Thank you for sending us the photographs and sharing your fantastic home with us. After such devastation in the Garden City, it is so nice to see some good old positive ‘Kiwi’ attitude. Cant wait too see what Bridgett does to her own bedroom.

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