Room of the Month – Creative Angela

May 2012

This months ‘Room of the Month’ goes to the very lovely and might I say talented Angela who really has outdone herself in the ‘great Mummy’ stakes.

Angela ordered one of our Vintage Tree decals from INKE in the Netherlands. These decals (actually called decal-silhouettes are made from vintage and modern wallpapers. They are hand cut in Europe and then sent out to us here on the other side of the world. If you wanted to make a wow statement in your child’s bedroom then this is certainly the way.

But by the time they get here, they can be a little pricey (but then what else would you expect from a 2.4 metre tree), so who could blame you for getting it out of the box and slapping it straight on to the wall? But not Angela, she went one creative step further and added her own dragonflies and butterflies.  I dont know where she got them from but they look amazing. And in her own words ‘am also waiting for some birds I ordered to arrive’. WOW, perhaps I should tell her about the matching wooden birdhouse that is available for this gorgeous tree? Or perhaps I should leave her alone because it already looks fantastic!

I’ll let the pictures do the talking, and for those of you who are interested, check out the tree at

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks so much for sharing your room with us Angela.

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