Wallpaper and Weddings

Recently I have had a few event planners calling asking about wallpaper. I even had one asking me about a wallpaper suitable for a breast cancer function.

My mind jumped to the obvious and I wrongly assumed that they were doing up their offices, after all what would wallpaper and weddings have in common? Nothing right? But after a few of these calls, I started to get suspicious. How many event planners were doing up their offices?

To cut a long blog short, it turns out wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to transform a wedding space from ordinary to extraordinary. ‘But isn’t wallpaper too expensive for a wedding?’ I protested when Angela swung into my office and bought three rolls of Utopia in black and silver. I had visions of Angela papering the church in one of my favourite metallics.

‘Weddings are so expensive nowadays,’ yet another bride-to-be moaned to me when she was picking up one of our beautiful digitally photographed wallpapers. With the average wedding cost in New Zealand over $10 o00 and over $40 000 in Australia, people really are spending big bucks. But I still couldn’t see the connection.

Finally one day, I just asked.

‘Wallpaper’ a bemused event planner explained ‘ gives you more bang for your buck’. My mind boggled, ‘but then you need a wallpaper hanger, and then you have to prep the walls and and and…….’ I could hear her rolling her eyes on the phone, ‘we use it as table runners.’

Of course.

The penny dropped.

And now that I think about it, wallpaper is actually a cheap (ish) option to transform a table or two and a great way to make an impact. Cant afford flowers? Buy wallpaper with flowers instead and choose simple garden posies to place on it. Cant afford expensive cards or invites? Use wallpaper cut outs that match your table runners. Cant stretch to place names or tags? Use wallpaper tags and coasters (which we now sell) that actually match your tablerunners. You wont look cheap, you’ll look clever. One roll of wallpaper will give you 10 metres of colour vibrancy or mood. And if you are really creative (or a sentimental fool like me) you could even take the food stained wallpaper home with you afterwards and make something cool.

Most of our wallpaper averages at $90 per roll, but often when we get down to the last one or two rolls we sell them for about $50. The wallpaper in the photos that I used as a little demonstration is ‘Black Lotus’ and we sell it for $50 per roll.

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