Wallpaper Doily

Doilies are in. The thrift shops have been raided, my grannies cupboards are bare and up until last week I had been racking my brains on how to join in on the craze. True we sell the awesome floor decal doilies but I was looking to make some myself, and my crotchet hooks have long since been abandoned in high school art class.

Then I came up with the idea of wallpaper doilies. What a great idea for the timid interior decorator as a way of introducing a pop of colour onto a wall. Don’t fancy it on your wall? Use some as coasters at high brow events to add colour to a white table. Or paste some on boxes or furniture to brighten up dull surfaces. The best thing about wallpaper (unlike conventional paper) is it has been designed to be used with paste, so can be applied to just about any surface. I just used mine with blu-tack for a non-permanent solution.

We sell a pack of ten for $12 (including post) and if you fancy a little bit of paste we sell small bags (enough to paste 10 doilies) for $5. Click here for more details.

Image(Image -wallpaper Doily in Chakra pattern).  Our new wallpaper Doilies can be used nearly any where. Try one on a boring or damaged door to hide flaws. Use them instead of a frieze or boarder. Kitchen cupboards or old wardrobes all lend great scope for the humble but now revamped doily!

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