Ideas with wallpaper scraps

Wallpaper is not just for walls, although really it is.  Let me rephrase. There are a lot of things you can do with your left overs that just complete a room or tie different elements of your house together. Some people call it ‘flow’. Anyhow I wish I was as creative as some of these people and their amazing projects:

Wallpaper beneath a glass table top or bench or even on a door. Wallpaper as a headboard or light shade, and one clever person has used embroidery hoops (available from any good craft store) and filled them with wallpaper scraps. Love the untraditional circular shape and repeating circular motif in the green wallpaper – smart. (pictures and ideas ‘borrowed’ from,


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6 thoughts on “Ideas with wallpaper scraps

  1. Lovely ideas! Would you happen to know what the wallpaper on your banner photo at the top is? LOVE it!
    Christall x

    • Hi!!! Do you mean at the top of my blog or the top of our website? If you mean blog then it is called ‘Graphic Leaf’ and you can find it at hope you like it 🙂

    • Hi Christall, so sorry I have only just seen your question!!!! Ok, maybe I saw it before and thought I had replied to it and actually didn’t? I blame having internet on my phone…anyway to answer the question. I think you are talking about the green/chocolate stripe on our website? It is called Hudson Stripe and can be found here

  2. Love the wallpaper in embroidery hoops – Thanks for the great idea, I did this today with a little of my paper and love the result!!!! 🙂
    (and the rest will be in the post to you tomorrow for the heads!!!!)

  3. I love the Circus Wallpaper but I will really like to know where can i buy it or the brand?? Can you help me?? Thank you!!

    • Hi there, we can get any wallpaper you are after but I know of quite a few ‘circus’ wallpapers. Can you let me know where you are based and what ‘circus’ wallpaper you are after? If you have seen it on a website or blog somewhere just send me the link I may be able to find it from that 🙂

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