Decals for furniture and floors

What does a decal and my holey floor have in common? Until today not much, but now, in my house, they are best friends. My damaged (might I add NEW) click clack flooring is now the proud owner of one of our designer doily decals. It is at this point I can hear my Mothers voice, ‘your asking for trouble with wooden highchairs!’.  Arggh of course she was right again.

Toddler + click clack flooring + wooden high chair = disaster.

And even though my highchair is from Sweden and my flooring is from Norway there was just no cohesion, until a rather delightful purple vinyl doily was carefully placed beneath the highchair to hide and to protect.

Hiding the hole in floor

How to protect your floor from your toddler and a wooden high chair

Decals are relatively new on the design scene. Most people associate them with kids rooms, and rightly so – they are the perfect way to do up a kids room. But they have been around commercially for a long time and now its time for the little guy to realise just how great they are around the home.

Some of these photos are from my own house (excuse the slop on the high chair), some are from customers and some are from various suppliers.

Use decals to reinvent an old wardrobe, hide an ugly floor, decorate appliances or make windows more visible. Smart design, and some of these start at about $20 – only at The Inside of course.

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