Yellow Wallpaper

This is a blog for Casey – who like me loves Yellow wallpaper. There is something about yellow that just makes you happy. It is surprising that there aren’t that many wonderful yellow wallpapers available. I have included some of my favourites that may or may not be on our website. These wallpapers are predominantly yellow……I have more available that include yellow, but that may have to be for another blog.

To start with, my all time favourite ‘Nippon’. Imported from Sweden, this is nearly neon in its ‘yellowness’ and is slightly textured, slightly metallic. Usually $200 per roll, we do discounts for three or more rolls.

Yellow Wallpaper

Another favourite and slightly cheaper at $150 per roll (oh don’t forget all our prices include free post) is the iconic Dandelion Clocks. The ‘Chaffinch’ colour (thats teal/aqua) to us normal folk out there has been a massive hit with Sanderson’s running out and reprinting. Surprisingly the yellow colourway has been less popular and is therefore a little more expensive an a little harder to get hold of. The best thing about Dandelion Clocks is it has matching fabrics, duvets, towels and china. So if you like matchy-matchy, this could be your thing.

Yellow Wallpaper New Zealand Sanderson's

Next on my favourite yellow wallpaper list is ‘Berries’. Ok not altogether completely yellow in composition it does have a lot of different yellows in its design. All kinds of yellow
Beautiful yellow wallpaper And what is ‘yellow’ if it does not come with Daisies? Check out this pretty yellow floral for that real spring time feel. The pattern repeat is quite small so it is quite intense, but would be quite nice in a room that is not used often (wishing I had a powder room when I see this one).

Yellow WallpaperNext on my radar is Drangonflies. This wallpaper is simple and yellow and the pattern large, its great.

Dragonfly Wallpaper

Happy Wallpapers ‘Yellow Dots’ is kind of self explanatory.  Burnt yellow on a crisp background creates an almost childlike atmosphere and lightens the mood of the darkest of rooms. You may become sick of it after a while but wallpapers aren’t really designed to stay up for years and years any more.

Retro Wallpaper‘Retro Muscat Yellow’, is a different kind of yellow altogether. Great for any home built in the seventies, this retro feeling wallpaper is fun. And lastly (for today) check out Jena Floral, a pretty flower inspired wallpaper dedicated to turn any girls heart.

Floral Wallpapers in New ZealandYellow Wallpapers available through The Inside




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  1. amazing post… love your selection of images… love it… xx Cat

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