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This is a blog for a customer who wanted me to show her a selection of wallpapers. Her brief was to convert an 80’s styled home into offices. Two of the rooms were mainly used by men (so I’m guessing that means no flowers). The desks were to be pressed hard against the walls so she didn’t want any busy patterns or distracting designs and the two rooms are smallish and don’t get much light.

As we have access to thousands of wallpapers I had to give it some thought. This is what I came up with that fitted ‘neutral, not too busy and non floral’.

I have started with a list of my favourites on the website and then with ones that I have access to but have not yet put up on the website.

First up we have Manor Stripe in cream. This is a smart neutral wallpaper with a simplistic design and a slight metallic sheen. It is a shame it doesn’t photograph better because it is a really sophisticated wallpaper and very reasonably priced at $90 per roll including post.


Next on my list is Bonsai in linen. This is beautiful. Not quite flowers (which appeases the men) but still retains the impact of a floral wallpaper. There is a mini design/swirl that runs through it but it is faint and non-complicated. It is also $90

LinenArchway is also an amazing wallpaper. Striking in black and silver it loses a lot of its impact in the two neutral colourways it comes in, but is still a nice non gender specific wallpaper without being too bold and is $90


Damask in cream is a vinyl textured wallpaper (perfect for covering wonky walls). A few of my customers who have bought it have used it ‘French’ themed houses. This is very reasonable at $90. It sells for $129AUD in Australia.

This is a really nice one. It is called ‘Origami’ and although boasts quite a busy pattern it is in gold so quite faint with a shimmer of gold. This wallpaper is no longer made and we are lucky enough to still have some in stock. It sells at $90 per roll also.

Ikat is a lovely wallpaper with a subtle shimmer. It is $90 per roll.

New Zealand boutique wallpapers

Arlington in neutral tones is also a winner. Damasks are typically bold designs but n two tones of neutral it is subtle without being dull. Arlington is $90 per roll.

Linen Wallpaper


One of our most popular wallpapers is from Sweden and very aptly called ‘Tree Trunks’. Similar to the Cole & Sons ‘Woods’ themed wallpaper but quarter the price. It comes in white with a soft grey print so not too dramatic. This lovely wallpaper is also $90. We have started selling this into Australia also and it has been quite popular.


Tree themed wallpaper

I love this wallpaper ‘La Vie Ordinaire’, it is fun without being too bold. It features a trendy retro design of 50s holiday postcards with scenes of London, Paris and New York in black and white with olive and red accents. It is $90

Fun Wallpaper

The next following are beautiful wallpapers that I have not had time to introduce to the website but are available.

Tree Wallpaper

‘Berry’ is a lovely wallpaper, not yet on our website but a little pricer than the previous ones at $140 per roll. It is neutral with a hint of red. The berry trees look almost hand painted.

Neutral Wallpaper with red accents

‘Circus’ is slightly better priced at $130 per roll and features fantastical creatures in white on a neutral background. Typically used as a kids wallpaper I have seen it in other situations where it creates a splash of creativity.

Neutral fun wallpaper

And recently the leather look has been popular. At $135 per roll this wallpaper is an econimcal way of turning your office into a ‘plush pad’.

Stylish Wallpaper

As I mentioned we have access to hundreds and thousands of wallpapers. I have just listed my favourite ones under $200….and just because I said that, here is the last one at $195 per roll – Cashmere Lion.

Lion Wallpaper

Let me know if you need to see more.

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2 thoughts on “Neutral Wallpapers

  1. wow such beautiful selections… love neutral patterned wallpapers, xx Cat

  2. Thank you Cat, did you know that for Aussies its cheaper for you to buy wallpaper in NZ than Australia?

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