Big Blue House

We’re a normal-ish family.

This is Rebekah. She’s the boss, the brains and energy behind The Inside. She’s 23 weeks pregnant and would dearly love a sleep in. “Just once. That’s not too much to ask is it?”



Tasman is our nearly 5 year old boy.  He can eat dinner, get dressed and brush his teeth all by himself, but most of the time he chooses not to. He prefers drama.


Alvin is our dog that Tasman named after the neighbour’s guinea pig.  It’s a she. Her mother is a shih tsu who found love with a poodle in a park. That makes her a Shipoo  – and lucky her father wasn’t a bulldog.


I’m the dad. Ad the dad. I work in an office fulltime, go riding in the hills on Tuesday afternoons and dress like a giant pukeko in my spare time.


And this is our house. It’s big. It’s blue. And it’s on a hill in Nelson (a small town on the Top of the South Island of New Zealand) with wide-sweeping views over the port.


It was built in 1974 and had three previous owners.  We bought it from Brian and Bev, a couple in their 80s who renovated about 20 years ago.  It is set over two floors, has axeminster carpet, four toilets, yes 4, off-street parking for at least 8 cars, a 600m2 section but not a blade of grass, three decks, a conservatory, one-and-a-half kitchens and a glass house.  It has a low water pressure and when I wash upstairs, it takes 5 minutes to get wet and both elbows touch opposite walls of the shower at the same time.  It has a floor area of 250m2 yet only has 2 dedicated bedrooms at opposite ends of the house which has resulted in us all sleeping in the one room for the past 8 months.  Us, the boy and the dog….

In short: It’s outdated. It’s impractical for a young family. It’s time for a change.

We desperately need to convert it into a modern, four bedroom family home before the baby arrives in late June.  We’ve got a modest budget, limited time and massive task ahead. That’s normal-ish, right?

This is not our first time.  We renovated our old place (see the pics here)but this is a whole new ballpark….


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