Wallpaper Fridge

So a little while back a customer wrote to me and said she wanted to wallpaper her fridge. While I had pondered the idea that our self adhesive range Eziwall would be suitable for covering ugly appliances, the thought of normal wallpaper being able to do this never crossed my mind.

My interest perked up immediately and I sent her around 8 metres of our fabulous Flamingo wallpaper. I think she used it all.

There was some debate in my household about the logistics about wallpapering a fridge. Somebody said it might effect the cooling mechanisms? In all the blogs I looked at, not one person mentioned this. Obviously everybody is more interested in the graphics than getting a case of salmonella (that’s the design world for ya).

Anyway I waited and waited and waited some more and around 6 weeks later these fabulous photos arrived.

Thank you Krystle for sharing with us your amazing refrigerator. I’m definitely going to try and talk hubby in to this. Or he is just going to come home and its done (most likely scenario. Actually most likely scenario is he will come home and its half done. And will stay that way for six to 12 months).


how_to_decorate_your_fridgedecorating_your_kitchen_with_wallpapercolourful_kitchens Getting started




Doing the sides


ideas_to_brighten_your_kitchenfunky_fridge Side on Flamingos


the_inside_nz_bloghow_to_brighten_up_a_boaring_kitchen Fabulous Flamingo Fridge!!!


I love you flamingo fridge


Pink Refrigerator


Better than the Retro Smeg Range

Here are some great blogs about other people who have wallpapered fridges





And even a youtube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nka8xpGYNnk

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One thought on “Wallpaper Fridge

  1. Michel Babun

    Wow that’s great! You have just change the entire look of the fridge. I really like it. Wallpaper Birmingham

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