What to do with just 1 x roll of wallpaper

At The Inside we quite often sell end of lines or batch numbers cheaply. Some of these are an absolute bargain. But like everything ‘reduced to clear’ ‘discounted’ or ‘on sale’ there are complications. In our case there may be just 1 or 2 rolls. Not enough to do a serious project. You can get your hands on some of our bargain basement beauties at http://www.theinside.co.nz/collections/garage-sale

Some of our customers have come up with ingenious solutions. Using tongue and groove paneling, making a feature panel, Dado lines or juxtaposing two contrasting wallpapers to make a whole new look.

Check these out (some images our customers own, some sourced from google).

Update (nearly a year after I first published this article). I have just wallpapered my hallway in what I call ‘a mismatch of one rolls’. I absolutely love it…my husband does not (but what does he know). Not only is it unique – yes that is right – I am fairly certain nobody else will have this combination – but it is stunning and bold.


Beverly Hills Banana Leaf Republic Wallpaper by Martinque. Clever use of a panel to minimise wallpaper use.


Again with the Banana Leaf (ok I’m crushing on this one right now) but you can see they have used paneling or tiles to reduce the amount of wallpaper needed.


Clever use of a panel. This gorgeous framed wallpaper was probably less than a roll.


Another cute idea for using just a roll of wallpaper. This clearly defines the office space.


Here is a wallpaper we sell by the metre ‘Dandelion Clocks’. This gorgeous piece of furniture used less than 2 metres of wallpaper.


And how clever is this? This is actually leftovers from Piet Hein Eek ‘Scrapwood’ range. This was leftovers from a feature wall.



This is a roll of our ‘Horizontal Stripes’ behind glass and used as a splashback.


Some clever customer used wallpaper on a fridge. This was around 8 metres. wallpaper_headboard_new_zealand

A customer ordered a roll of our Starburst in lime/teal. Headboards take more wallpaper than you think but less than a whole roll.



Another customer orders wallpaper by the metre and makes these beautiful wallpaper dresses.


Here is 1 x roll of Brooklyn Tin Tiles on a Chimney.


Here is one of my favs, this customer was determined to use this wallpaper even though there was just 1 x roll. She ended up making a panel. You can see if doesn’t reach the edge of the wall. I absolutely love it. Looks intentional.


This clever customer wanted to use her left over wallpaper. Please ignore the Cole and Sons ‘Woods’ in the background (if possible)…look at the ducks made out of the Orla Kiely Multistem wallpaper on the door.

If you really love something and there is only one or two rolls left (not enough for your space) don’t despair, there are always options that in the end may just make your place unique.


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