Cleaning Pressed Tin

A lot of customers ask us about cleaning pressed tin. For some reason there seems to be some misconception that it is a high maintenance material. Let me reassure you that if it were hard to clean, it would not be at my house (as I am not very good at housekeeping according to hubby).

Pressed tin is the easiest of all the splash-backs I have ever had. It doesn’t streak, mark or stain. Because it is a ‘textured’ surface you just need to wipe it and no marks are left behind. In fact I generally don’t use any product on it either. Just warm water. Sometimes if I’m feeling dirty I use dishwashing liquid.

I am so impressed with it, I decided to make a little video to show you. Hopefully you can see the spots of dirt and how easy they are to wipe (embarrassing for me to show the world my dirty kitchen but to be fair it was behind my compost bin).

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