Ugly Door – Quick Fix – Vinyl

After four years of renovating, my husband refused to paint anymore. And somehow he banned me too (that is a story for a different blog). So I was stuck with this horrible marked cream door . Time passed and I just had to look at it every day until I remembered the sample product I had ordered in ages ago and forgotten to try. The vinyl wrap. These are my trusty tools. All that is needed is a straight edge/ruler, pen, craft knife and scissors. I gave the door a light sand also. But (sadly not pictured) my number one tool is a damp cloth. Turns out the damp cloth is amazing with this type of product and helps get out air bubbles and wrinkles without creasing. The first step is to choose what ‘angle’ you are going to align with. Probably your side angle and top angle are not going to be a perfect right angle so you need to choose one. I chose the side of the door to line against and left about five centimeters at the top to cut off afterwards. As there is no pattern this makes life easy. It will probably take several attempts to get it right. But the product is pretty robust and can be peeled on and off and on and off until you have it right.

The hardest part of the project was the door handle. Turns out I should have taken it off (insert husband rolling eyes here). I really made a mess BUT this product is pretty forgiving and I just kinda fixed it all up and you cant really notice it unless you are really looking. So my three top tips are use a wet cloth, remove door handle and have an overhang at the top of the door of a few cm.

So here you can see the door handle area, AKA the disaster zone. You can’t really notice though can you? The little messy looking bit beneath the handle is just a wrinkle about to be smoothed down.After you get it on the door and smooth out all the bubbles (I found smoothing on a diagonal the best) I trimmed all the overhang from top and bottom and sides. I did try to wrap it under but it didn’t really work.

And here it is, my high gloss door. Its perfect in every way. I am pretty happy with it….but now that ugly handle stands out like a sore thumb. The whole project took under an hour and cost under $70. There are 12 stylish colours and the end result if perfect! You can find it here

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