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Weddings and wallpaper – When squirrel met bear

As you know we love all things wallpaper.

So when a customer requested just one roll of Laroche in teal, I just had to ask why.

I always ask ‘why?’ because buying just one roll can be quite problematic further on down the track.

“I’m making a photo booth”.

Wow – she had me hooked.

“A photo booth? With wallpaper?’


Turns out the customer had started a company called ‘When squirrel met bear’  (I didn’t get round to asking about that one).  But take a look at some of their cool ideas

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Based in Auckland and Timaru (it just keeps getting better and better) ‘When squirrel met bear’ specialises in custom made props and accessories for weddings and events. They really are the ultimate in gifting a certain kind of ‘uniqueness’ to a wedding or a bit of pizazz to an event. We all know that the devil is in the detail which makes these guys the best.

According to Abbe, the photobooth project had been in the pipeline for about six months. The raw wooden photo booth that had been completed for a couple of months was just sitting around waiting for the perfect wallpaper to finish the look….and presto in comes ‘The Inside’.

Abbe (creator and inventor of all great things at ‘When squirrel met bear’) was looking for a special kind of wallpaper she told me.
“As the photobooth will be hired and used at weddings and events, I want a very soft wallpaper with a floral print that will work with many different wedding palettes”.
She doesn’t want much does she?!!!?????!!
Oh well perfection is never easy, and with that in mind she trawled through our website and came up with Laroche in teal. I must admit it fitted the bill. The end result is that the photobooth is beautiful without being over powering.
Afterwards Abbe said “I was open to different colours, but as soon as I had seen the Laroche in teal I knew it was the perfect paper for the job and loved the teal with slight sheen and the strong floral pattern”.
At the moment the photobooth is for hire in Auckland only, set up a tripod and camera and guests can snap themselves or a photographer can take images throughout the event.
Professional images by  Alanah Paterson Photography & Kate Grewel Photography
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Neutral Wallpapers

This is a blog for a customer who wanted me to show her a selection of wallpapers. Her brief was to convert an 80’s styled home into offices. Two of the rooms were mainly used by men (so I’m guessing that means no flowers). The desks were to be pressed hard against the walls so she didn’t want any busy patterns or distracting designs and the two rooms are smallish and don’t get much light.

As we have access to thousands of wallpapers I had to give it some thought. This is what I came up with that fitted ‘neutral, not too busy and non floral’.

I have started with a list of my favourites on the website and then with ones that I have access to but have not yet put up on the website.

First up we have Manor Stripe in cream. This is a smart neutral wallpaper with a simplistic design and a slight metallic sheen. It is a shame it doesn’t photograph better because it is a really sophisticated wallpaper and very reasonably priced at $90 per roll including post.


Next on my list is Bonsai in linen. This is beautiful. Not quite flowers (which appeases the men) but still retains the impact of a floral wallpaper. There is a mini design/swirl that runs through it but it is faint and non-complicated. It is also $90

LinenArchway is also an amazing wallpaper. Striking in black and silver it loses a lot of its impact in the two neutral colourways it comes in, but is still a nice non gender specific wallpaper without being too bold and is $90


Damask in cream is a vinyl textured wallpaper (perfect for covering wonky walls). A few of my customers who have bought it have used it ‘French’ themed houses. This is very reasonable at $90. It sells for $129AUD in Australia.

This is a really nice one. It is called ‘Origami’ and although boasts quite a busy pattern it is in gold so quite faint with a shimmer of gold. This wallpaper is no longer made and we are lucky enough to still have some in stock. It sells at $90 per roll also.

Ikat is a lovely wallpaper with a subtle shimmer. It is $90 per roll.

New Zealand boutique wallpapers

Arlington in neutral tones is also a winner. Damasks are typically bold designs but n two tones of neutral it is subtle without being dull. Arlington is $90 per roll.

Linen Wallpaper


One of our most popular wallpapers is from Sweden and very aptly called ‘Tree Trunks’. Similar to the Cole & Sons ‘Woods’ themed wallpaper but quarter the price. It comes in white with a soft grey print so not too dramatic. This lovely wallpaper is also $90. We have started selling this into Australia also and it has been quite popular.


Tree themed wallpaper

I love this wallpaper ‘La Vie Ordinaire’, it is fun without being too bold. It features a trendy retro design of 50s holiday postcards with scenes of London, Paris and New York in black and white with olive and red accents. It is $90

Fun Wallpaper

The next following are beautiful wallpapers that I have not had time to introduce to the website but are available.

Tree Wallpaper

‘Berry’ is a lovely wallpaper, not yet on our website but a little pricer than the previous ones at $140 per roll. It is neutral with a hint of red. The berry trees look almost hand painted.

Neutral Wallpaper with red accents

‘Circus’ is slightly better priced at $130 per roll and features fantastical creatures in white on a neutral background. Typically used as a kids wallpaper I have seen it in other situations where it creates a splash of creativity.

Neutral fun wallpaper

And recently the leather look has been popular. At $135 per roll this wallpaper is an econimcal way of turning your office into a ‘plush pad’.

Stylish Wallpaper

As I mentioned we have access to hundreds and thousands of wallpapers. I have just listed my favourite ones under $200….and just because I said that, here is the last one at $195 per roll – Cashmere Lion.

Lion Wallpaper

Let me know if you need to see more.

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Yellow Wallpaper

This is a blog for Casey – who like me loves Yellow wallpaper. There is something about yellow that just makes you happy. It is surprising that there aren’t that many wonderful yellow wallpapers available. I have included some of my favourites that may or may not be on our website. These wallpapers are predominantly yellow……I have more available that include yellow, but that may have to be for another blog.

To start with, my all time favourite ‘Nippon’. Imported from Sweden, this is nearly neon in its ‘yellowness’ and is slightly textured, slightly metallic. Usually $200 per roll, we do discounts for three or more rolls.

Yellow Wallpaper

Another favourite and slightly cheaper at $150 per roll (oh don’t forget all our prices include free post) is the iconic Dandelion Clocks. The ‘Chaffinch’ colour (thats teal/aqua) to us normal folk out there has been a massive hit with Sanderson’s running out and reprinting. Surprisingly the yellow colourway has been less popular and is therefore a little more expensive an a little harder to get hold of. The best thing about Dandelion Clocks is it has matching fabrics, duvets, towels and china. So if you like matchy-matchy, this could be your thing.

Yellow Wallpaper New Zealand Sanderson's

Next on my favourite yellow wallpaper list is ‘Berries’. Ok not altogether completely yellow in composition it does have a lot of different yellows in its design. All kinds of yellow
Beautiful yellow wallpaper And what is ‘yellow’ if it does not come with Daisies? Check out this pretty yellow floral for that real spring time feel. The pattern repeat is quite small so it is quite intense, but would be quite nice in a room that is not used often (wishing I had a powder room when I see this one).

Yellow WallpaperNext on my radar is Drangonflies. This wallpaper is simple and yellow and the pattern large, its great.

Dragonfly Wallpaper

Happy Wallpapers ‘Yellow Dots’ is kind of self explanatory.  Burnt yellow on a crisp background creates an almost childlike atmosphere and lightens the mood of the darkest of rooms. You may become sick of it after a while but wallpapers aren’t really designed to stay up for years and years any more.

Retro Wallpaper‘Retro Muscat Yellow’, is a different kind of yellow altogether. Great for any home built in the seventies, this retro feeling wallpaper is fun. And lastly (for today) check out Jena Floral, a pretty flower inspired wallpaper dedicated to turn any girls heart.

Floral Wallpapers in New ZealandYellow Wallpapers available through The Inside




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Wallpaper Craft

Blown away by the response to one of my latest blogs ‘what to do with wallpaper scraps’, and at the risk of boring my overseas readers, I have decided to do the New Zealand edition. It is after all where I live, and it is nice to support some hugely talented and local craftspeople.

Check out some of these wonderful products made with wallpaper.

The cute wallpaper ducks are a modern version of the old ducks my grandmother used to have on her wall.  Available from Betsy and Fred, they come in a range of colours and are really reasonable at $25NZD.

Also making ducks but out of textured wallpaper (Damask – bought from our very own store might I add) is Pepin Design

Cassie Jade Design has some beautiful jewellery designs featuring wallpaper.

One of my favourites is Elowezil’s beautiful deer heads made from recylced wallpaper books (note to self do not thrown away old pattern books!!)

For something really upmarket and sophisticated, look at Tinch Design Studio. She makes wonderful magnetic wallpaper decals, in this case the guitars.

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Room of the Month – Loft Style Brick Wallpaper

If I am lucky enough to go to a customers house, I usually don’t stay long. Something about not over staying your welcome (and I usually go with kids in tow so that is reason enough). I go, take pictures and leave. But every now and then you meet somebody whose house just sucks you up and you want to stay for ever.

So this months ‘Room of the Month’ goes to the lovely and creative Deborah. I am very envious of Deborah because while I ‘plan’ to be crafty (and I don’t mean in the deceitful way – hehehe evil laugh), Deborah ‘does’ (and I mean in the arty sense). She sews the most wonderful cushions (bit of a plug for the competition here but her cushions are divine) and makes the most amazing children’s clothes for her own brand piccalilli. Not only that but her house is awesome – where do these creative types get the time?

Being the clever lady that she is, she has used our black Goldfish wallpaper in her bathroom and then cut out squares of it to put in frames in the toilet, creating great flow between the rooms. The over all look is pretty stunning. But if I thought the bathroom looked great I headed over to the lounge where Deborah has created that sort of London Loft feel with our Brickworks wallpaper. The result is amazing. I am now thinking about tearing down all my retro wallpaper and redoing my hallway in brick….don’t tell hubby. Check out the electric yellow lamp (sourced from bits and pieces off trademe and painted by Deborah) and the vibrant colourful cushions.

I was a bit cheeky and took photographs of some of the other bits and pieces that adorned the house. I would like to point out at this stage that these photographs are in no way styled or ‘arranged’. In fact there were six children under the ages of 4, running around while I was taking these snaps (the kids were also having a tea party using real china plates and cups – I am in awe of this woman!). I’ll leave you with the pictures while I try to think of a way to get her to make me one of those amazing lamps too.

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Wallpaper Doily

Doilies are in. The thrift shops have been raided, my grannies cupboards are bare and up until last week I had been racking my brains on how to join in on the craze. True we sell the awesome floor decal doilies but I was looking to make some myself, and my crotchet hooks have long since been abandoned in high school art class.

Then I came up with the idea of wallpaper doilies. What a great idea for the timid interior decorator as a way of introducing a pop of colour onto a wall. Don’t fancy it on your wall? Use some as coasters at high brow events to add colour to a white table. Or paste some on boxes or furniture to brighten up dull surfaces. The best thing about wallpaper (unlike conventional paper) is it has been designed to be used with paste, so can be applied to just about any surface. I just used mine with blu-tack for a non-permanent solution.

We sell a pack of ten for $12 (including post) and if you fancy a little bit of paste we sell small bags (enough to paste 10 doilies) for $5. Click here for more details.

Image(Image -wallpaper Doily in Chakra pattern).  Our new wallpaper Doilies can be used nearly any where. Try one on a boring or damaged door to hide flaws. Use them instead of a frieze or boarder. Kitchen cupboards or old wardrobes all lend great scope for the humble but now revamped doily!

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Room Of The Month – Silver Medallist!!!

June 2012

I had heard it was good.

But even I was surprised (although I am a little bit cynical by nature).

That is why June’s ‘Room of The Month’ is all about an office. An amazing ‘Out of Africa’ kind of office. But not in that clichéd way, in a new, fun vibrant kind of way. The kind of place that makes you want to go to work.

Let me start from the beginning.

An interior designer contacted me last year. They were interested in a wallpaper for a home and garden show. I was imagining a billboard or stand, like the home and garden shows I used to go to in Nelson as a girl. Nothing like what the end result was. If you were at the Waikato Home & Garden show in 2011, then you know what I am talking about.

The girls from Bubble Interiors took my breath away with one of favourite wallpapers. You see, I had only ever imagined it in a child’s bedroom. The bright pop of colour, the childish print (not to mention the girly floral background) led me to believe that was all it could ever be destined for. So how humbled am I now that I see it in a sophisticated office space? Not only that, they took home the silver medal for it.

So anybody in Tauranga looking for some interior love, go see Rachel at Bubble Interiors……although she maybe busy doing up my work space!

Further Information:

Bubble Interiors

+64 7 574 2512

po box 13302
tauranga 3141
new zealand

Featured Product:

Zebra & Garden Walltiles by Hanna Werning

Available exclusively in New Zealand by The Inside


Walltiles by Hanna Werning

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Room of the Month – Creative Angela

May 2012

This months ‘Room of the Month’ goes to the very lovely and might I say talented Angela who really has outdone herself in the ‘great Mummy’ stakes.

Angela ordered one of our Vintage Tree decals from INKE in the Netherlands. These decals (actually called decal-silhouettes are made from vintage and modern wallpapers. They are hand cut in Europe and then sent out to us here on the other side of the world. If you wanted to make a wow statement in your child’s bedroom then this is certainly the way.

But by the time they get here, they can be a little pricey (but then what else would you expect from a 2.4 metre tree), so who could blame you for getting it out of the box and slapping it straight on to the wall? But not Angela, she went one creative step further and added her own dragonflies and butterflies.  I dont know where she got them from but they look amazing. And in her own words ‘am also waiting for some birds I ordered to arrive’. WOW, perhaps I should tell her about the matching wooden birdhouse that is available for this gorgeous tree? Or perhaps I should leave her alone because it already looks fantastic!

I’ll let the pictures do the talking, and for those of you who are interested, check out the tree at

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Thanks so much for sharing your room with us Angela.

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Florence Broadhurst V New Talent

The Inside just loves Florence. Too bad she is so expensive. I suppose that is the price you have to pay for exquisite wallpapers and patterns made by the victim of an unsolved murder mystery. At $300NZD + per roll its not just the design your paying for, its the enigma.

Whoever killed her did the world no favours, she was simply brilliant. Her brightly-coloured geometric prints and oversized nature-inspired designs make for decadent walls.  The Sydney printing company that holds the exclusive rights to her designs guard them fiercely. Although certain noteworthy fashion gurus such as Akira Isogawa and Karen Walker  have been permitted to use some of the designs in their work. Another Sydney based company, Cadrys Handwoven Rugs have a Florence Broadhurst Rug Collection which are handmade in Nepal. I think Florence with her love of the avant-garde would approve.  What she would make of the $4750AUD price tag, I just don’t know ($7000AUD for silk no less!).

The Inside desperately wanted to stock Florence, but the cost went against our very motto – Designer walls without the designer price tag. I fought with my partner, “change the motto!” I yelled.

But clearly I wasn’t being logical. The argument caused me to ponder. Was anybody else out there worthy? Somebody more modern, somebody more cost effective? Of course I don’t wish to compare designers, there are no fair comparisons. But the thought took me on a great search.

And I think we found somebody worthy………

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Enter please Judit Gueth, a Hungarian born designer living in Toronto.  There are some similarities in style, form and design. Judit’s work is beautiful, well crafted and features a graceful fluidity. But the big bonus (apart from being blessedly alive), is her wallpapers are well priced! Well, as reasonable as unique non mass produced wallpaper can be. Even better The Inside are in negotiations to become her New Zealand representation. At last classy walls without the designer price tag. Yes – I can still use the motto.

She even does rugs. I think Florence would approve.

As I said, negotiations are afoot – watch this space.

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